Donald Trump’s Labor Day from Hell

Donald Trump has picked the wrong day to get out of bed – that is, if he isn’t hiding under it. He occupies the office of President of the United States for now, but rarely in American history has anyone been so vulnerable and so weak and so assured of demise. Everything is going wrong for him today that could possibly go wrong, and it’s only Monday.

Let’s start with the baggage that Trump has brought with him into this new week. The Special Counsel investigating him now has a letter in which Trump admits committing obstruction of justice. Worse for Trump, someone in his own ranks turned over that letter, meaning he can no longer trust any of his own people. They all now have a motive to flip on him, because they’re all criminally liable in his obstruction plot, and some of them will choose cooperation over prison. Trump also set himself on fire domestically last night.

In a cowardly attempt at kicking the immigration can down the road, Trump decided to announce the end of DACA on a six month delay. This has even moderate conservatives up in arms, because no one anywhere near the American mainstream likes the idea of punishing children based on skin color. And yet what’s left of Trump’s racist base won’t be happy either, because he just handed Congress six months to undo his own decision.

Donald Trump also enters today with Congress having just officially revealed that it’s investigating his Trump Tower Moscow deal, even as his own Russia lawyer has melted down to the point that he’s accusing a reporter of being on drugs. After spitefully getting rid of nearly everyone in his orbit, Trump now hates the few people still working for him, and they hate him. He’s miserable, his life sucks, and his illegitimate presidency is circling the bowl. Happy Labor Day, Donald!

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