Now we know why Donald Trump spent all day melting down yesterday

Donald Trump spent all day Tuesday going off the deep end, in a manner unhinged even by his usual standards. He took his Twitter rage further than he ever has, and he stayed at it for more consecutive hours than ever. He threatened to put everyone in prison. He threatened nuclear war. He threatened to launch a new game show. Palmer Report predicted that he was attempting to distract from an impending Trump-Russia bombshell. Sure enough, it’s landed – and it’s a doozy.

No, we’re not talking about the New York Times report from late last night, in which Fusion GPS confirmed that the Republicans in Congress knew all along that the Trump-Russia investigation wasn’t originally based merely on the Trump-Russia dossier. That was an important story, but it wouldn’t have triggered Trump’s meltdown of historic proportions. Instead, the big bombshell arrived today, and it came from the mouth of Trump’s longtime ally Steve Bannon.

Bannon is confessing to essentially every aspect of the Trump-Russia scandal in a new book, except the specific portions that are alleged to have involved him. He says Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with the Russians was “treasonous” and he alleges that Junior took the Russians up to meet his father afterward. Bannon also says that Trump and others will go down for money laundering. While Bannon may be doing this to bring attention to himself for unknown reasons, he’s nonetheless making the investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal much easier. He’s also giving Trump’s most tepid supporters a reason to give up on him, since this confession is coming directly from the mouth of one of Trump’s own former top people, and not some liberal member of the Resistance.

It’s likely that Donald Trump got word of Steve Bannon’s words just before they were published, and it explains why he spent all day melting down on Twitter. Was Trump strategically trying to create a distraction by acting mentally deranged? Did Trump actually snap, and did he mean the crazed things he tweeted? Who knows. But now we know what yesterday was all about.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report