Kellyanne Conway admits the Resistance has put “seeping wounds” in Donald Trump team

Just days after Kellyanne Conway publicly announced that she would be limiting her television appearances in the wake of her disastrous “alternative facts” interview on NBC’s Meet The Press, she went back on her word and appeared on Fox News Sunday today. Perhaps she was expecting more sympathetic circumstances on Fox, and she largely got that. But she essentially used the interview to throw a pity party, admitting that she and the Donald Trump team have been left completely demoralized by all the dissent out there.

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First, Kellyanne inexplicably whined to Fox that no one in the media has been fired yet for being mean to Donald Trump: “Not one network person has been let go. Not one silly political analyst and pundit who talked smack all day long about Donald Trump has been let go. They are on panels every Sunday. They’re on cable news every day.” Then, as transcribed by Daily Kos, she went on to play the pity card for all to see: “We turn the other cheek. If you are part of team Trump, you walk around with these gaping, seeping wounds every single day, and that’s fine. I believe in a full and fair press. I’m here every Sunday morning. I haven’t slept in a month.”

So there you have it. Donald Trump’s spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway, who had just gotten done promising she would no longer be the spokesperson, booked one more TV gig just to complain that all the negative media coverage about her unpopular and extremist administration has made her and her coworkers sad. We suppose this means Trump must be the saddest of all, which his detractors will take as a sign that their protests are working. And of course Kellyanne is merely blaming the media’s negative reporting as a proxy for her real beef with the American public, who have overwhelmingly showed that they ferociously disapprove of the Trump administration.

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