Kellyanne Conway may have just sent herself to prison

Now that Donald Trump has unwittingly confessed to felony obstruction of justice in a tweet, he and his handlers are desperately trying to figure out how to cover it up. His attorney John Dowd is incredibly claiming that he wrote the tweet in question, though very few people believe that an attorney could possibly have written something so legally stupid. Of course Trump needs a witness to back up that claim, so Kellyanne Conway has stepped up to lie on his behalf. The trouble: Kellyanne may have just sent herself to prison.

Here’s what Kellyanne said over the weekend while appearing on Fox and Friends: “The lawyers are the ones that understand how to put those tweets together. I was with the president on Saturday all day, frankly, and I know that what he said is correct. What he says is that he put it together and sent it to our director of social media.” She’s claiming that she witnessed this supposed series of events in which Dowd wrote the tweet, and she’s claiming that it was social media director Dan Scavino who ultimately posted that tweet to Trump’s Twitter account.

Legally speaking, it doesn’t matter that we think Kellyanne Conway is lying, it only matters if it can be proven that she’s lying. But if it can be proven, she’s in massive trouble. She will eventually be interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. If she repeats this lie to him, and he can prove she’s lying, then she’s going to prison for lying to a federal agent. Even if she confesses the truth to Mueller, he can still arguably charge her for conspiracy to obstruct justice for having lied to the media in the first place, if he can demonstrate that she was attempting to sabotage the investigation in the process.

So how can Robert Mueller legally prove that Kellyanne Conway is lying? That may circle back to Dan Scavino. Is he willing to risk going to prison in order to lie on behalf of Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway? He’s just a social media guy. If Scavino tells Mueller the truth, and particularly if he can provide technical evidence of the truth, then Kellyanne Conway will be arrested – and her only way out would be to cut a deal against Trump.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report