Donald Trump Jr chimes in and reminds us how stupid he is

The debate has been long-running: which of Donald Trump’s adult sons is the dumbest? Is it Eric Trump, who seems to know he’s dumb and pulls his punches accordingly? Or is it Donald Trump Jr, who keeps arrogantly blurting out stupid things in an effort at proving how smart he is? Junior may have pulled back into the lead with a recent tweet so lacking in basic logic that it almost defies description.

After Donald Trump said something offensive to the pregnant widow of an African-American soldier who died in Niger, and then viciously attacked the African-American Congresswoman who called him out for it, a guest on CNN pointed out what every reasonable person figured out a long time ago: Trump has an impulse to “go after women and critics of color.”

This led Donald Trump Jr to chime in with perhaps the dumbest counterargument of all time. He tweeted “You mean like Goodell, McCain, low energy Jeb!, Scarborough, John Kasich, Biden, Comey, Chuck Todd, Flake, Corker.. etc.” Wait, is it possible that he’s really this dumb? Junior tried to dispute the assertion that his father likes to viciously attack minorities, by pointing out that his father has also viciously attacked some white people. That’s not how anything works.

Then, because these punchlines write themselves, Donald Trump Jr bragged that he needed “240 characters” to fill out the list of all the white people his father has inappropriately attacked. Junior appeared to be complaining that he isn’t a part of the pilot program on Twitter which allows some users to post longer tweets. But that program gives people 280 characters, not 240 characters; he couldn’t even get that part right.