New details reveal Donald Trump Jr is even more of a Russian puppet than his father

Earlier this week it was revealed that Donald Trump Jr spent the general election coordinating with Russian puppet cyberterrorist outfit WikiLeaks. It may be the most damning revelation in the Trump-Russia scandal to date, as it reveals that Junior’s in-person meeting with Kremlin representatives was just the start of the collaboration, not the end. New evidence today reveals that WikiLeaks and Trump Jr did indeed coordinate their strategic efforts during the election.

Donald Trump Jr and WikiLeaks conspired to try to sabotage an anti-Trump website called during the election. The coordination went as far as WikiLeaks asking Junior what he knew about the site, and giving him the password to the site, according to a new Mother Jones report (link). This took place in September of 2016, which was months after Trump Jr’s only known in-person meeting with Kremlin representatives.

Based on the timeframe that’s been established this week for the communications between WikiLeaks and Trump Jr, it’s highly unlikely that their coordinated attack on was the only incident of its kind. Now that investigators and journalists know what they’re looking for, it could be fairly easy to continue fleshing out the full timeline.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this is merely what the media has publicly uncovered to date. We still don’t know what other information or evidence Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team may have privately uncovered when it comes to Donald Trump Jr’s communications and coordination with Russia, aimed at altering the outcome of the election.