Michael Flynn Jr doesn’t seem too happy about his father’s plea deal against Donald Trump

The younger Michael Flynn appears to have quite a high opinion of his father, to the point that he calls himself “Michael Flynn Jr” even though he has a different middle name. However, now that the elder Michael Flynn has signaled he’s cutting a plea deal against Donald Trump, the younger Flynn doesn’t appear to be too happy about the matter – even though dad is cutting the deal to keep his son out of prison.

Michael Flynn will plead guilty to reduced charges and rat out everyone involved in the Trump-Russia scandal, including Donald Trump himself, in order to get a free pass for his own son. Junior was caught up in some of the more bizarre Flynn Intel Group plots, including an alleged kidnapping conspiracy. Once Flynn formalizes that deal, his son will have to agree to be a part of it – and he will, because the other option would be to end up in prison. But for now, Junior doesn’t seem too pleased about what’s going down.

Michael Flynn Jr has continued to use his Twitter account to tweet and retweet far-right conspiracy theories from the likes of Sean Hannity and the Pizzagate guy. Earlier today he tweeted an image of Hillary Clinton’s face on toilet paper, which is repugnant, but it’s unlikely to cause any trouble for the deal being negotiated. But then Junior did something far more reckless: he retweeted Julian Assange, the leader of Russian-controlled cyberterrorist group WikiLeaks.


There is no evidence that Michael Flynn or Michael Flynn Jr was involved in the Donald Trump campaign’s conspiracy with WikiLeaks to illegally rig the election in Trump’s favor. However, Flynn was knee-deep in other Trump campaign conspiracies with Russia. His son knows this full well. Junior’s decision to retweet the WikiLeaks terrorist can only be interpreted as a sign of rebellion against the deal his father is negotiating. But in the end, it’s not up to him.

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