Donald Trump Jr frantically tries to defend himself after latest Trump-Russia bombshell lands

One day after his controversial testimony about the Trump-Russia scandal, things have managed to get even worse for Donald Trump Jr today. A new bombshell has just landed which demonstrates that his Trump Tower meeting with the Russian government was even more nefarious than previously believed. As a result, Junior is now frantically trying to defend himself from this new bombshell on Twitter – and he may have given away a few things in the process.

CNN is now reporting that after the meeting, Donald Trump Jr’s friend Rob Goldstone followed up via email with Trump campaign adviser Dan Scavino (link). This comes after Junior had long characterized the meeting as a bust, and it demonstrates that at least someone involved seemed to think the meeting was fruitful. This does not further incriminate Donald Trump Jr, as he was not included in these emails. However, Junior is overreacting on Twitter, which suggests there’s more to this.

Junior retweeted a political ally who had opined that “[CNN host Jake] Tapper’s on-air presentation of this story led with a clip of Don Jr. denying he had any follow up with Russians after Trump Tower. Portrayed as misleading.” He then referenced the portion of the CNN online article which stated “None of the newly disclosed emails were sent directly to Trump Jr.” But that’s not the point here.

This new reporting merely reveals that other participants judged the meeting to have been more fruitful than he’s claimed. That could simply mean that he was mistaken. Maybe he didn’t even know that Goldstone continued to communicate with the Trump campaign about the meeting after the fact. If so, why not just say so? Why is Donald Trump Jr frantically trying to defend himself against a report that doesn’t even appear to incriminate him? Is there more to this, or is he just panicking at this point?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report