Donald Trump Jr is cracking up

Things just keep getting worse for Donald Trump Jr as the week goes on. He admitted to Congress that he told Hope Hicks about his Trump Tower meeting with Russian government representatives during the election, and essentially incriminated his own father in the process. Then he comically tried to invoke attorney-client privilege between himself and his father. Now he’s simply cracking up online.

Here’s what Donald Trump Jr posted to his Instagram account on Thursday, which he then cross-linked to his official verified Twitter account: “Chloe wanted to style my hair this am with Spencer. I’m not sure about this look but given the whole Trump hair thing who am into judge???” (yes, that’s how he incoherently phrased it). He also included this photo:

Actually, we have to give him credit here. This is the kind of thing that fathers are supposed to let their young kids to do them. From anyone else, this would be considered normal human behavior. The trouble here: the Trumps are not normal people. Donald Trump Jr doesn’t post photos of himself like this. And since when does Junior publicly make fun of his father’s hair? By Trumpian standards, Junior is now totally cracking up, by accidentally acting normal in public for once. What is even happening here?

Again, we’re not making fun of Donald Trump Jr for finally showing a human side in public. We’re just trying to figure out what’s happened to him. This is not how he has ever behaved in public. Yet now that he’s screwed up his congressional testimony and accidentally shown Special Counsel Robert Mueller precisely whom to subpoena and what to ask in the name of taking down his father Donald Trump, it’s as if Junior has totally cracked – by beginning to behave like a normal non-Trump person would. What is even happening at this point?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report