Jilted Chris Christie holds press conference, slams Donald Trump’s bumbling White House


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Just when we thought we’d never have to write about Chris Christie, the former Donald Trump advisor and soon to be former New Jersey Governor has made an abrupt reappearance on the national political scene. And surprising, it has nothing to do with closing a bridge, but rather making a point of very publicly burning one. The troubled Christie was infamously dumped by the Trump team after the election, and today he held a press conference in which he finally ripped into them.

Trump is a Russian spy

Chris Christie addressed the matter of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban executive order, which was crafted behind the backs of Congress and the federal agencies tasked with enforcing it, and ultimately led to total chaos and mass protests before federal judges knocked it down – and someone died in the process. Christie ripped into Trump’s White House team: “The rollout of this executive order was terrible — the way people were not involved or consulted. There was confusion in the enforcement that went on here.”

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But then Christie went on to say that he felt Donald Trump “deserved much better” than the bumbling implementation and execution which his executive order received from his White House staff. The implication seems to be that Christie wants revenge on the Trump team members who forced him out, or perhaps wants to help nudge them out in the hope of eventually finding his own way back into Trump’s White House.

That seems unlikely, as Chris Christie still isn’t off the hook for Bridgegate, and his approval rating in New Jersey continues to plummet to the point that he may be the least popular governor of the modern era by the time his term ends in a year. But then with Trump’s White House in total chaos and lacking anyone with political knowledge, anything is possible — unless that’s a bridge too far.


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