Jason Chaffetz makes another panic move, limps back to Congress on bad foot

If you’ve been following the saga of Jason Chaffetz over the past two weeks and you find yourself confused, rest assured that Chaffetz is even more confused than you are. He’s gone from announcing he won’t run again and suggesting he won’t finish his term, to claiming he’s seeking a job in the private sector, to announcing a month long leave of absence for foot surgery, to now suddenly running (or should we say limping) right back to Washington DC.

The latest development comes by way of NBC News Capitol Hill Producer Alex Moe, who just confirmed that Jason Chaffetz will in fact be back in Washington DC tomorrow (link). This comes just four days after his foot surgery, which he claimed would keep him out of action for as long as four weeks. Moe believes that Chaffetz may be returning to try to help with the latest flailing House Republican effort to repeal ObamaCare. But based on what’s transpired to this point, there’s a lot more going on here with him behind the scenes.

The week before Jason Chaffetz announced out of nowhere that he won’t be seeking reelection, there was already intel community buzz that Russia was blackmailing him into protecting Donald Trump, and that the FBI was onto it; Palmer Report documented it here, here and here. Then when he made the announcement that he won’t be seeking reelection, he insisted that he was in perfect health. But after just one day of leading the House Oversight Committee’s Trump-Russia investigation, he suddenly announced that he immediately needed foot surgery on a twelve year old injury, and that he would be gone from Congress for around a month.

And now suddenly Chaffetz is on a plane back to Washington DC. By all accounts he did have the surgery. But why did he announce that he would need to take a leave of absence for a month, if it was the kind of surgery where he’d be sufficiently recovered to fly across country four days later? That suggests this was minor surgery and he knew it, and he was using it as an excuse to bail from Congress for a month. But whatever is causing him to make one panic move after another, it’s caused him to suddenly decide he needs to be immediately right back in Congress after all. Something is way, way off with the entire Chaffetz saga, and it’s time the major media outlets begin treating it with the proper level of skepticism. Help fund Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report