With Donald Trump Jr. now incriminated, trail of evidence says Ivanka Trump is next

Donald Trump Jr. is inevitably headed to prison; the only remaining questions are which specific charges he’ll face for his uniquely treasonous crimes, and who else he’ll decide to take down with him. Junior is at least the dozenth member of the Trump cartel who has been swallowed up in the Trump-Russia scandal, as the trail grows closer to Donald Trump himself. And the trail of evidence says that Ivanka Trump will be the next to find herself incriminated. In fact her brother just helped put it in motion.

The meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and the Russian government representative is confirmed to have been directly set up by Rob Goldstone. But according to Goldstone’s emails released by Junior, the meeting was allegedly brokered by Russian billionaire Aras Agalarov and/or his son Emin Agalarov. One need look no further than the Trump Organization’s dealings to see that Aras Agalarov did business with both Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump. Whatever connection Agalarov had with the one Trump kid, he also had with the other Trump kid.

Keep in mind that Robert Mueller has hired prosecutors whose specialties are money laundering and international organized crime. He’s pretty clearly going after the Trump Organization’s illegal overseas business deals. By the time it’s all said and done, in a legal sense, the election collusion between Trump and Russia could end up being a sideshow once the underlying financial crimes between Trump and Russia are fully exposed.

So while Ivanka Trump probably wasn’t stupid enough to set up a treasonous meeting with the Kremlin like her brother did, the real story may end up being whatever financial crimes may have been committed between the Trump Organization and the Agalarov business interests. And that’ll have Ivanka’s fingerprints all over it. While the proof isn’t there yet, the circumstantial evidence points to that financial trail incriminating both Don Junior and Ivanka – as well as eventually their father.

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