Did Michael Flynn just take down Ivanka Trump too?

The maddening part about seeing yet another piece of the puzzle revealed in the Trump-Russia scandal is that it serves as a reminder of what all we still don’t know. Michael Flynn cut a deal on Friday which saw him incriminate Donald Trump and Jared Kushner by name in the Russia scandal, with various media outlets reporting that Flynn has also nailed additional unnamed members of the Trump family.

The first place your mind probably goes is to Donald Trump Jr, right? After all, he’s long been documented to have met with the Russian government during the election, and he was communicating with Russian puppet WikiLeaks during the election as well. But let’s say that it’s not just Junior. Is there the hypothetical case to be made that Michael Flynn may have just taken down Ivanka Trump as well? Let’s take a look at what we know, and what we think we know.

The one key detail is that during the transition period, Ivanka barged into a meeting and told Michael Flynn – right in front of everyone else in attendance – that he could have any job he wanted in the administration. Was she merely trying to reward Flynn for his loyalty in self-important and naive fashion? Or was she trying to reward Flynn in order to keep him quiet about the role he played in conspiring with Russia to rig the election?

It’s extraordinarily difficult to imagine, yet still technically possible, that Ivanka Trump somehow didn’t know that her father and her husband had both instructed Michael Flynn to conspire with the Russian government during the election. Even if she didn’t know, her life is now ruined, based on who else is going down. But if she did know, that would make her guilty of various conspiracy and obstruction crimes – and Flynn would be able to take her down for it.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report