Intel expert Malcolm Nance: we’re in a Constitutional crisis, and Donald Trump is Benedict Arnold

If you want to know what comes next in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, now that four of Trump’s top campaign advisors have been caught having colluded with Russian intelligence officials during the election, it may help to ask the guy who has correctly predicted everything that’s happened up to this point. NBC News intel excerpt Malcolm Nance, who literally wrote the book on the Russian plot to rig the election for Trump election seven months ago, has made some startling pronouncements this evening.

Now that Donald Trump campaign advisors Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Carter Page have all been caught by the CIA and NSA for having colluded with Russian intel officers, and are being investigated by the FBI for it, Malcolm Nance is asserting that “We are now fully in Benedict Arnold territory.” That reference goes back to the traitor who infamously sold out America to the British in the eighteenth century. Pointing out that the evidence is now one step away pegging Trump as having been in direct collusion with Vladimir Putin, Nance says that “Election legitimacy now in full question. A Constitutional Crisis is coming.” And he thinks it may be coming quickly.


During an appearance on MSNBC on Tuesday evening, Malcolm Nance told host Joy-Ann Reid that his advice to Donald Trump’s advisors is to lawyer up and cut deals now, while they still have the opportunity to save themselves from legal downfall by coughing up what they know about Trump’s culpability. If that advice is followed, the Trump-Russia scandal could be blown open within weeks if not days. At this point Nance’s book on Russian election rigging is a must read.

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