Insider: Donald Trump “fully rabid” after Muslim ban struck down, threatening to fire people

Now that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has unanimously ruled against Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, his explosively angry reaction on Twitter suggests that’s he’s fully melting down over the matter. Now comes word from insiders that Trump has deteriorated the point of behaving in “rabid” fashion as a result, and threatening to fire his own top people, even as morale within the Trump White House has bottomed out entirely.

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Donald Trump’s only tweet in response to the ruling at the time of publication of this article was in all caps and made little sense: “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!” He seemed to have lost track of the fact that he had just lost in court, and seemed to be implying that he was going to take the court to court. But even as his public statement suggested some kind of psychological break, Trump’s private words and behavior appears to have been even more eye popping.

White House insiders claim that Donald Trump is now “going fully rabid,” going on to explain that he’s “causing chaos, then blaming everyone else when things go badly. Demands omelettes, then fires whom cracks the eggs.” The rogue insiders also confirmed that Trump intends to continue fighting a losing battle on his Muslim ban: “POTUS set on taking EO case to SCOTUS now, despite all advice that doing so would weaken the case. Cares more about winning than succeeding.” And heads may be about to roll.

“POTUS encouraged Kellyanne to push Ivanka clothing in interview, but later said she’d be fired if she makes another mistake like that,” the rogue White House account goes on to explain. “Spicer is already burning out. Been carrying double load, but greatest stressor is having to paint over obvious lies and absurdities. Morale throughout is beyond desperate.”

There is as of yet no proof that the rogue White House account on Twitter is indeed coming from within the White House. However, as we’ve previously documented, there is strong evidence that it’s legitimate. And the details it’s now leaking are devastating to Trump. photo: @TrumpDraws

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