Insider: Donald Trump, exasperated by protesters, yells “Don’t they know I’m the f—ing president?”

If you oppose Donald Trump and you’re looking to get under his skin in the hope of getting him to unravel, it appears you’re succeeding. Major newspapers have reported this week that Trump was “visibly enraged” by the Women’s March and that he’s been complaining of how he can’t “enjoy” being in the White House due to all the protests and resistance. And now comes the money quote from alleged White House insiders who have been leaking embarrassing things about Trump for days.

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The @RoguePOTUSStaff account on Twitter claims to be run by anonymous White House staffers who have quickly become frustrated and fearful of Donald Trump’s behavior in office, and are attempting to undo him by leaking what they can. For instance they tweeted advance details about the President of Mexico canceling his meeting with Trump. Many Americans have concluded that the Twitter account is legitimate, or at least worth listening to, and it’s quickly gained nearly a hundred thousand followers in a day and a half.

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And now one of the White House insiders claims Donald Trump has become so exasperated by the growing level of public protest and resistance against him that he shouted “Don’t they know I’m the fucking president?” so loudly it could be heard outside of a closed door meeting. The rogue staffers are also claiming that Trump is coming unglued over the new revelation that members of his own family, staff, and cabinet are all registered to vote in multiple states, something which just yesterday he had publicly referred to as “voter fraud.”

When one White House staffer informed Donald Trump that Tiffany Trump, Jared Kushner, Steven Mnuchin, and Steve Bannon are all registered to vote in two states, Trump accused the staffer of “mutiny” for even bringing it up. Follow the (alleged) White House Twitter account for more.

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