Donald Trump is in freefall

Donald Trump’s entire political career has consisted of going from one failure to the next. He ran the most incompetent presidential campaign of all time, but got the nomination anyway. He lost the election by three million votes, but got the White House anyway. He’s a serial sexual predator, a career criminal, a traitor, and he’s mentally incompetent, but he still hasn’t gone off that proverbial cliff to hell just yet. However, something fundamental has changed over these past few days.

For starters, Trump is no longer capable of pulling his punches when he knows he occasionally needs to. When his history of sexual assault came into focus late in the campaign, he made the rare move of apologizing for it, because any other response would have been the end of him. When his status as a sexual criminal came back into focus this week, however, he decided to spitefully make the problem worse for himself by posting a sexually harassing tweet about a female Senator. In so doing, Trump has ensured this problem won’t go away, and will only snowball for him.

Then came Trump’s humiliating loss in Alabama. Sure, we already saw in the last few races that Trump is so toxically unpopular, he actually causes Republican candidates to go down in the polls when he endorses them. But this time around, he went all-in with the Alabama race against the advice of his own party, proved he can’t even get anyone elected in a deeply red state, and proved to the GOP that he’s going to cause them all to lose in 2018. Whatever kind of blowback the Republicans in Congress may fear from Trump’s base if he’s ousted, it’s now clear that they’re facing even bigger blowback if he’s not ousted soon.

At this point Donald Trump has zero remaining political muscle, he’s more unpopular than a telemarketer selling rabies, and he’s lost that little smidgeon of occasional self control that was keeping him in the game. For once in his miserable life, Steve Bannon is right: Trump is going to be ousted by his own party. He’s in freefall, and the GOP is only propping him up for the moment because of the tax scam bill. Once that saga is over with, they won’t want him anymore – and he’ll be out.

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