I need a shower and some bleach

Donald Trump is one of the most patently repulsive people to ever set foot on the American stage, so unraveling his various scandals and criminal conspiracies often requires putting on the psychological hazmat gear. We’ve already waded through everything from his urine-tinged “Pee Pee Tape” scandal to Trump’s lewd description of the sexual assaults he’s committed. But today the show has reached a new low.

If you use Twitter and you happen to see “Forbes” on the trending topic list, I’ll save you the trouble of having to click on it. Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress with whom Donald Trump had an affair during and after Melania’s pregnancy, is back again. Even though she’s not talking now, it turns out she gave an earlier interview about the affair before the election cycle began.

Daniels asserted that Trump wanted her to spank him with a rolled up copy of a Forbes Magazine issue which had Trump and his kids on the cover (link). Daniels also asserted that Trump told her he liked her because she reminded him of Ivanka. Ugh. Okay. That’s it. I need a shower. For that matter I want to wash my eyes out with some bleach. Not only are the sordid details of Trump’s perverted sex life enough to make me want to throw up, I don’t even care about it – and frankly, neither should you. We have much bigger problems when it comes to this monster. But there is something crucial in here, as it relates to the Trump-Russia scandal.

Even as the prior words from Stormy Daniels are filling in the gory details of her affair with Donald Trump, the old adage “follow the money” is giving us the real story. Trump’s attorney set up a fake corporation with a fake name just to send her the $130,000 payoff, according to a new Wall Street Journal report (link). This helps us understand how Trump handles his blackmail payoffs, and it allows us to track down similar secret transactions. It should also help us to follow the Trump-Russia money. So look past the salaciousness of these disgusting new revelations, and keep your eyes on the money trail.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report