Donald Trump humiliates himself during meeting with military Generals

Donald Trump has been having a truly awful week. The entire world now knows that his own Secretary of State Rex Tillerson thinks he’s a “moron.” His visit to post-hurricane Puerto Rico only served to underscore how incapable he is of leadership. His greatest fears are being realized, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller is working with the Pee Pee Tape guy. Now Trump has met with his military Generals, presumably in an attempt at creating a distraction – and he couldn’t even get that right.

The conversation between Trump and his Generals has quickly been plastered all over the media. Trump appears to be trying to distract the public by implying that he’s about to take the country to war. Here’s what Jim Acosta of CNN posted: “Trump at dinner with military commanders: “You guys know what this represents, the calm before the storm.” No explanation.” (link). Those last two words are where the trouble comes in for him.

Trump is pushing the notion of going to war – but with whom? He’s long hurled empty threats at North Korea. He’s recently tried to cause trouble with Iran. Based on his own words, he doesn’t even know what potential war he might be talking about. He’s merely threatening one in general. The public will see that as a rather transparent attempt at a generic distraction from his scandals, rather than a serious call to war. It gets stranger.

According to Christina Wilkie of CNBC, Donald Trump also told his military generals “Moving forward I also expect you to provide me w a broad range of military options, when needed, at a much faster pace.” (link). In so doing, Trump is directly insulting the military. He also seems to be trying to position military leaders as scapegoats when he ultimately decides not to take any military action, because it might get in the way of his golf game.

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