Here’s who all is going to prison in 2018

Four of Donald Trump’s advisers have already been arrested for their roles in his Russia scandal, including his campaign chairman and his National Security Adviser, and we’re still in the preliminary stages of the investigation. Additional fish big and small will be indicted, arrested, and imprisoned. Here’s a look at who’s most likely to go down in 2018 and why. Guilt or innocence is ultimately decided by a jury; we’re merely predicting who will be arrested and imprisoned while awaiting trial.

Jared Kushner: Michael Flynn only got a plea deal because he was able to provide compelling evidence against even bigger fish in the Trump-Russia scandal. Based on their overlapping activities in the scandal, that means Kushner. We expect Kushner will wait until the very last possible moment, and then cut a deal against Donald Trump – but he’ll spend time in a cell anyway.

Donald Trump Jr: In any criminal conspiracy, the dumbest one of the bunch ends up with the worst fate. Junior will go to prison, and even if his father tries to pardon him, the courts will strike it down as unconstitutional. He’ll rot for a bit, then he’ll cut a deal against his dad.

Ivanka Trump: She may have been smart enough to keep her hands clean in the Russia scandal. But she’s spent years spearheading Trump Organization deals with shady characters, some of whom have already been convicted of money laundering and worse. It’ll all come out in the wash.

Donald Trump: The trouble with being the biggest fish is that there’s no one to flip on. Even if Robert Mueller can’t imprison Trump for his crimes, he’ll manage to get him ousted from office. From there, the State of New York will arrest Trump and put him on trial for decades of financial crimes.

The rest: Jeff Sessions will cut a deal against Trump at the last possible minute. Congressman Trey Gowdy will cut a plea deal to rat out Congressman Devin Nunes, who will go to prison. Steve Bannon will be charged with too many crimes to list. Who else did we leave off? Use the comments section below.