What the hell is Susan Collins doing?

Just when Republican Senator Susan Collins was gaining the respect of the American mainstream nationwide, she went and threw it all away by voting for a recklessly evil tax scam for the wealthy that will bankrupt the middle class. She seemingly ended her political career for the sake of delivering stolen money to her wealthy donors, as she has little chance of getting reelected in a moderate state like Maine after this criminal stunt. So what the hell happened to her – and why is she now hinting that she might belatedly kill the tax scam after all?

Collins famously helped kill her own Republican Party’s fraudulent attempt at repealing ObamaCare without a real replacement, which would have taken health insurance away from tens of millions of people. Yet she turned around and voted for the tax scam, which in addition to being literal theft, will also take health insurance away from tens of millions of people. It was widely interpreted as Collins selling her soul to pay off her wealthy donors, and most expected her to go into hiding accordingly.

Instead, Senator Collins surfaced on Meet The Press on Sunday morning in order to (dishonestly) defend the bill. She’s flat out lying about the money that will be taken away from the middle class, and the impact it’ll have on the deficit. Yet in the same breath she’s saying that once the bill goes through reconciliation with the House (which has already passed a different version), and the Senate has to vote on the final revision, she may not vote for it after all. Huh?

It’s difficult to tell what Susan Collins is doing here. Perhaps she saw the unprecedented negative reaction to the bill’s passage, realized she just threw her career away, and is now seeking to find a way to kill the bill. Or maybe she’s just trying to take the blame off herself by running her mouth, and she’ll end up voting for the finalized version after all. Either way, Collins has now lost millions of supporters nationwide, and her Senate seat is in severe jeopardy when she runs for reelection. If she wants to save her reputation, her career, and her soul, she’d better hurry.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report