Donald Trump’s head is about to explode

In the week since the first arrests and guilty pleas began in the Trump-Russia scandal, suffice it to say that Donald Trump hasn’t been handling the pressure well. Various reports have had him locked away in the White House residence, fuming at the television, and barely able to function. That’s nothing compared to what his reaction will be just hours or days from now, when a new shoe drops that’ll cause his head to explode.

Donald Trump appears to have made a decision this week that it’s not worth trying to save his campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Trump has deteriorated to the point that he can no longer avoid telegraphing his own strategies, and his lack of talk about a preemptive pardon or other measures is enough to suggest that he’s simply going to let Manafort rot. Nor does Trump appear to care about the other campaign adviser arrested last week, Rick Gates. But things are about to change altogether.

For reasons known only to him, Trump holds a soft spot for Michael Flynn. Perhaps it’s because Flynn is such an avowed hater of President Obama and Hillary Clinton, two people Trump has severe a inferiority complex toward. Perhaps it’s because Flynn is a retired military General, and Trump’s military school upbringing has led him to have weirdly subservient relationships with his Generals. Maybe it’s simply because Flynn knows all of Trump’s Russian conspiracy secrets. Whatever the reason, Trump seems to care a lot more about Flynn than he does about Manafort. That’s a problem for Trump, because Flynn is about to get arrested. It gets even worse.

Not only is Michael Flynn’s arrest imminent, it’s being widely reported that Michael Flynn Jr could be simultaneously arrested as well. We’ve already seen Donald Trump abruptly fire Flynn in February, to try to protect himself. It’s likely that Trump will decide not to put himself at risk in order to help Flynn now. Either way, the arrest of Flynn is going to cause Donald Trump’s head to explode. If he was in freefall before, it’ll only get worse for him.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report