This is why we can’t have nice things

Donald Trump spent his campaign falsely claiming that he would bring jobs back to America, and he’s spent his pretend-presidency falsely claiming that he has brought jobs back to America, but in reality the only jobs he seemed to create were for his own lying and hate-mongering political surrogates. That, of course, and Roseanne Barr somehow managed to (temporarily) get her old job back by being one of his supporters. But see, this has gone wrong in more ways than one.

Let’s see who all lost out here. Not only did Roseanne lose her current show yesterday, her reruns were also pulled from multiple networks. This has probably cost her more money in the long run than if her show had never been rebooted, and she may never work again. It’s her own fault, of course. ABC probably deserves the expensive egg on its face as well, after it rebooted Roseanne for the sole purpose of trying to cash in on the pro-Trump white trash demographic. But a whole lot of people working on the Roseanne reboot also lost their jobs, all because Trump is a monster, and because his temporary rise has convinced racists and other shitty people that they can get away with things they ultimately can’t get away with.

The bottom line of course is that, to borrow a phrase from Rick Wilson, everything Trump touches dies. He sucks in bad and broken people, and they come to a bad and broken end because of it, even as a whole lot of innocent people get hurt in the process. The Financial Times says the United States is having trouble landing the World Cup, specifically because Donald Trump is garbage. This doesn’t come as a surprise, yet it’s still jarring just how much peripheral damage is being done amid Trump’s slow march from the Oval Office to the corner prison cell.

The royal couple had to make a point of not inviting any politicians to their wedding, even the ones they liked, just so they could shadow-ban Donald Trump from attending without making an international incident out of it. This psychotic racist traitor just keeps finding new ways to ruin things just by existing. It’s why we can’t have nice things – for now, at least. Eventually he’ll be behind bars, and his lowlife supporters will be back under the rock they crawled out from under. That’s when we’ll be able to have nice things again.

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