U.S. Senator makes stunning acknowledgement about Russia, hacked vote totals, and Donald Trump

If you’re like me, you’ve known since election night that the results were essentially impossible. It wasn’t inconceivable for Donald Trump to have won, but it was just about impossible for him to have won in the particular way that he did. The polling ended up correct everywhere in the nation except in certain swing states that Trump happened to win. The margins weren’t right. The recounts exposed funny business before Trump-friendly judges shut them down. This election appears all along to have been rigged. Now you’re not alone in acknowledging that scenario, because a U.S. Senator just entered the fray.

Earlier this week, Senate Intel Committee Chair Richard Burr – who had largely been on the up and up in the Russia investigation up to now – gave a strangely dishonest performance in a press conference. He claimed that Trump Russia dossier author Christopher Steele wasn’t willing to meet with the committee, and then it leaked out the next day that Steele was willing to meet. Burr also claimed to definitively know that Russia didn’t hack in and change actual vote totals. That last part was enough for Senator Ron Wyden, who also sits on the Senate Intel Committee, to speak up and acknowledge the real truth.

Wyden has told Mother Jones that “The chairman said that he can say ‘certifiably’ that there was no vote tampering. I do not agree with this judgment. I don’t think it is possible to know that. There was no systematic analysis of the voting or forensic evaluations of the voting machines.” (link). This is a big deal. Wyden isn’t specifically saying he’s seen evidence of vote total hacking, but he’s the first major politician to publicly acknowledge the possibility. He wouldn’t do this unless he had something to go on.

It’s clear that Senator Wyden knows something we don’t. We don’t yet know what that is. But he’s savvy enough that he wouldn’t publicly float even the possibility of hacked vote totals unless he’s seen something that he knows is going to at least partially back that up. If you’ve studied the vote total math, you’ve known all along that numbers just don’t work that way, and that someone or something altered the totals in key swing states. Wyden is sticking his neck out for a reason. He knows that genie can’t be put back in the bottle. This means we’re going to find out what really happened eventually.

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