Paul Ryan basically just confessed his own guilt in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

For months, disgraced House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes has been trying to cause trouble by running his own personal joke of a Trump-Russia investigation. He’s unilaterally sent out subpoenas which have been consistently ignored by all involved, because everyone knows his fake investigation is a farce. It’s never been fully clear why Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was allowing the Nunes farce to continue – until today.

Paul Ryan announced today that he’s convinced the FBI to comply with one of the illegitimate subpoenas issued by Devin Nunes (link). Ryan has now gone from simply allowing Nunes to carry out a phony and essentially illegal investigation, to now stepping in on behalf of Nunes’ rogue efforts. There is no longer any question why Ryan has been allowing this Nunes farce to go on for these past months: he’s been behind it.

This goes far, far beyond mere partisan antics. Sure, the Republican Congress is now engaged in a full court press to try to create the illusion that the Trump-Russia dossier is somehow a Hillary Clinton scandal. It’s one last pathetic attempt by the GOP to protect Donald Trump from his Russia scandal, which is about five minutes from eating him alive. But it would be one thing for Paul Ryan to simply go along with promoting the fake Hillary-dossier storyline. It’s a whole other thing for Ryan to dive headfirst into a rogue investigation being carried out by a criminal like Nunes, who was already forced off the real Trump-Russia investigation when he obstructed justice on Trump’s behalf.

Paul Ryan is betting his career, and quite frankly his freedom, by becoming an active participant in an obstruction of justice conspiracy that already has Devin Nunes likely headed to prison. The only logical explanation for Ryan’s desperate brinksmanship is if he’s guilty in the Trump-Russia scandal himself, and he thinks he’s going down anyway if he can’t sabotage the investigation.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report