Donald Trump’s handpicked CIA Director Mike Pompeo is looking guilty as hell in the Russia scandal

Since he’s taken office, we’ve seen Donald Trump consistently try to backstop key positions in his administration with people who were willing to protect him in his Russia scandal – because they were in on it themselves. He’s done it with everyone from Attorney General Jeff Sessions on down. Based on the increasingly suspicious behavior of Trump’s hand picked CIA Director Mike Pompeo, it’s time to ask if he was guilty in the Russia scandal as well.

Back in June, it was revealed that Pompeo kept giving classified briefings to National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, even after he definitively learned that Flynn was a traitor on the payroll of multiple foreign nations including Russia (link). Now Pompeo is at it again, falsely claiming that it’s been proven Russian meddling didn’t influence the outcome of the election (link), even though his own intelligence community is telling him the opposite.

The tricky part is that Trump has surrounded himself with a number of fellow traitors who are guilty in the Russia scandal, as well as a number of mere sycophants who were not involved in the scandal but are willing to destroy their own reputations by covering for him. Mike Pompeo was a U.S. Congressman from Kansas during the 2016 election, and it’s difficult to pin down any potential role he might have played in the Trump campaign’s coordination with Russia to rig the election. Yet he just keeps finding ways to make himself look more guilty.


It needs be pointed out that making oneself look guilty is not the same as being guilty. While we have proof that Jeff Sessions was knee deep in that coordination, and strong evidence that plenty of other Trump White House advisers were co-conspirators, there is no specific evidence linking Mike Pompeo to the treasonous scandal. But it does raise the question: if Pompeo isn’t guilty, why is he throwing his career, reputation, and future away by bending over backward to make himself look guilty?

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