After campaign adviser JD Gordon is cornered in Trump-Russia scandal, he sells out Donald Trump

Earlier today, Palmer Report brought you the story of how an admission by Jeff Sessions seemed to have backed Trump campaign adviser JD Gordon into a corner. When George Papadopoulos formally confessed that he conspired with the Russian government to try to rig the election, he also asserted that Sessions knew about it in advance. Sessions then admitted he did. But another Trump adviser, JD Gordon, appeared to have gotten caught in the crossfire. Now Gordon is responding by giving up Trump himself.

After Papadopoulos fingered Sessions this week, Gordon seemed to back up Sessions in a conversation with a reporter (link). But then today Sessions admitted that Papadopoulos was in fact telling the truth. That meant Gordon was misleading the reporter. That raised the question of whether Gordon might have also misled federal investigators, which would be a crime. But now Gordon has changed his tune entirely.

Late on Thursday night, Jim Acosta of CNN tweeted the following: “Fmr Trump camp nat sec official JD Gordon confirms Trump listened to Papadopolous Putin meeting pitch at March ’16 mtg: ‘He heard him out.'” (link). This means Gordon is now accusing Trump of lying. Trump has consistently claimed that he had no knowledge of any attempted coordination between his campaign and Russia. Trump also recently insisted that no one at the upper levels of the campaign even knew who George Papadopoulos was.

It appears JD Gordon was backed into a corner by the Sessions admission, and felt the need to get on the right side of things. Whatever has actually transpired here, the end result is that he’s selling out Donald Trump. He’s confirming that Trump not only knew about his campaign’s efforts to conspire with the Russian government, but that Trump is also now lying about it. Those lies represent yet another instance of obstruction of justice on Donald Trump’s part, thus making Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s job that much easier.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report