This is probably the week we say goodbye to Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions, we hardly knew ye. Actually, we’ve known him for decades, and he long ago revealed himself to be a racist liar with little respect for the Constitution. But he’s only been Attorney General for less than year, and it appears his tenure is already about to end in rather abrupt fashion. A series of events now strongly suggests that this is the week we’ll see his firing or resignation. At one time, that might have been bad news for the anti-Trump Resistance. But even that seems to have suddenly changed.

Last week it became clear that Sessions had known all about the Donald Trump campaign underlings who were plotting various conspiracies with the Russian government during the election. This has prompted the Democrats in Congress to collectively decide that it’s time to force Sessions out of office. They’re calling for his resignation on Twitter and on cable news. They’re hauling him in to testify in public on Tuesday about these revelations about his role in the Trump-Russia scandal. This is a clear attempt at making Sessions so radioactive, he either has to resign, or Trump has to fire him. “But wait a minute,” you’re asking.

For a long stretch of time, it was believed that Trump might fire Sessions so he could also fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and then appoint someone as Acting Attorney General who is willing to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. However, the Democrats are clearly no longer worried about that scenario. It’s as if the Republicans have tipped off that they now want Mueller to remain on the job and get rid of Trump, so they won’t have Trump hanging around their necks as they head into the midterms.

If you’re looking for evidence that this is indeed the week Jeff Sessions is likely to exit the stage, consider this. For a long time it appeared the Republicans in Congress weren’t going to allow Trump to fire their old friend Sessions. But if the Republicans still wanted to protect Sessions, they wouldn’t be allowing the Democrats to haul him in for damaging public Trump-Russia testimony. It’s as if, after absorbing such harsh election losses on Tuesday, the GOP has decided to let the Democrats finish Trump off. That means Sessions goes first.