This has gone far enough

On Monday in Helsinki, Donald Trump officially put Russian interests above our own American interests. If you listen very carefully, you can hear the sound of Trump and Putin congratulating themselves for appearing as if they are simply pragmatists. Trump has even started speaking like a Political Science 101 professor, touting an engagement policy over isolation. The only problem is that he wants to isolate our allies and engage our enemies.

Trump appeared like a whipped schoolboy as he waited approximately one hour for Putin to show up to this important meeting. Just in case it wasn’t completely clear that Trump is his errand boy, Putin wanted to rub it in by making him wait, a move known to irritate powerful men in cheesy spy movies.
The crux of the matter is that we do not need anything from Russia, but peace and honesty would be nice. Too bad neither of those virtues are on the table.

So, why then did Trump pursue a meeting with Putin which resulted in nothing tangible being accomplished? Trump lied during election time when he said he had never met Putin, and that lie has been exposed by Trump himself. In 2013, in the time surrounding the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, Trump told media that he did have a relationship with Putin. And now, to add insult to injury, Trump openly declares himself more loyal to Putin’s word than the intelligence produced by American agents. This is blatant treason. It could also be an indication that Putin or other Russian players have been grooming Trump for years.

Russia must have some serious kompromat on Donald Trump, far more serious than hookers peeing on beds, and is blackmailing our president. There is little other explanation for why Trump is chasing Putin down when he clearly has more pressing domestic issues to resolve. However, Trump always expresses his love and admiration for powerful and strong men. Except now he’s trying to convince us to fall in love with Putin too, a guttersnipe who pulled himself up by the bootstraps by murdering and pillaging. Trump’s morals are in question and the question is growing more expensive by the minute. The real question now is, will Republicans cross the aisle and work with Democrats to remove this hammer and sickle from the White House?

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