For Robert Mueller, Michael Flynn is the Trump-Russia gift that keeps on giving

For those not paying close attention, the fact that Michael Flynn hasn’t been arrested yet must feel like quite a mystery. We’ve seen headlines saying that Mueller has Flynn nailed on too many charges to list, and that Mueller may even have Flynn’s son nailed on related charges. So why no handcuffs yet? As it turns out, Michael Flynn has become such a Trump-Russia treasure trove for Mueller, he’s still pinning it all down.

Mueller could bust Flynn tomorrow on charges like failure to register as a foreign agent, if that’s all it was. But as more details keep surfacing, it’s becoming more clear by the day that Flynn is the gift that keeps on giving. Last month it was revealed that Mueller has former CIA Director James Woolsey as a cooperating witness in a case against Flynn involving conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Last week it surfaced that Flynn allegedly took a $15 million bribe as part of that kidnapping plot. It’s continued to snowball from there.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Reza Zarrab, a federal prisoner awaiting trail on charges relating to the government of Turkey, had simply vanished as his trial was about to start. Best anyone can piece together, it appears Mueller has Zarrab testifying against Flynn in that kidnapping conspiracy case. On Wednesday night it was reported that Mueller is investigating Flynn’s activities dating all the way back to when he was Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014.

It’s not difficult to see the pattern here. The past few years of Michael Flynn’s life have turned up so many alleged crimes involving so many different people, it’s taking Robert Mueller longer than expected to pull it all together into one overarching jaw-dropping case. When Flynn is arrested, the list of charges against him will read like that of a James Bond villain. It’s the moment the Trump-Russia scandal will become “real” in the minds of anyone out there who’s still on the fence. Mueller simply needs to get the Flynn case right, because it’s the clear path to taking Donald Trump down.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report