Sean Hannity just gave away that proof of collusion between Donald Trump and Russia is about to surface

Over the weekend Donald Trump curiously decided to finally admit that Russia hacked the election in his favor, even as Russia curiously decided to recall its collusion-mastermind of an Ambassador. They both seemed to be trying to get out ahead of something that they know is about to surface. And in case there was any doubt, Fox News host Sean Hannity went and gave it away.

Hannity is known to speak privately with Donald Trump on a regular basis, and seems to be willing to say anything on-air for Trump’s benefit. On Friday he took a new stance during his Fox News radio show (source). Hannity flat out stated that if the Trump campaign asked Russia to release the emails it hacked and stole from the Democratic Party, then the whole thing was some kind of patriotic act, and not collusion.

In other words, Hannity is softening up his own audience for when the proof surfaces that the Trump campaign and Russia did collude on the stolen emails. Whether he’s been given the heads-up by Trump, or by the Russians, or by someone in the media, he knows that the proof is about to surface. It’s the same reason Trump is suddenly admitting Russia hacked the election, and trying to spin it into an Obama scandal. It’s also the same reason Russia is quickly taking Sergey Kislyak off the table: it wants him to no longer be the Russian Ambassador when the proof surfaces that he engineered the collusion.

At this point the only question is which member of the Donald Trump campaign is about to get exposed for having colluded with the Russians on the stolen emails. Everyone from Michael Flynn to Carter Page to Roger Stone to Jared Kushner has already been caught having secret communications with the Russians. One of them is about to get exposed for having outright colluded on election hacking, even as everyone from Donald Trump to Russia to Fox News tries to insulate Trump himself from the bombshell that’s about to drop. Stay tuned. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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