Fox News just unwittingly tipped off that Donald Trump knows he’s about to be proven guilty on Russia

The Donald Trump administration and certain factions of Fox News have long been so closely aligned and coordinated in their messaging that it periodically serves to unwittingly tip off whatever bad news Trump knows is about to surface about him. The cycle is this: newspaper asks Trump for advance comment on a bombshell scandal it’s about to publish, Trump tells Fox it’s coming, and Fox begins hypothetically arguing that the scandal in question isn’t all that bad – before the scandal has even publicly surfaced. Now it’s happening again.

The latest headline from the Fox News website is an astonishing one, even by its standards: “Would you even care if he was guilty?” It makes the argument that, because things are supposedly going so wonderfully in America under Donald Trump, perhaps no one should care if it turns out that Trump is guilty of conspiring with Russia to rig the election (link). There’s only one reason for Trump’s allies at Fox to begin pushing the ‘it’s not a big deal if Trump is a traitor’ narrative, which is that proof is about to surface that Trump is in fact a traitor.

We’ve seen this before. A couple months back, Trump’s allies at Fox News began pushing the notion that collusion wasn’t such a bad thing. This was at the same time that Trump himself began tweeting about collusion, using that word for the first time. It was clear that Trump and Fox both knew evidence of collusion was about to surface. Sure enough, within a week or two, the story broke about Donald Trump Jr.’s collusion meeting with Russia.

Now we’re seeing the same thing play out again. But this time Fox News is flat out telegraphing that it believes evidence is about to surface which proves Donald Trump to be “guilty” on Russia. Has a newspaper asked Trump for advance comment on a story that proves his guilt? Has Trump tipped off his allies at Fox so they can begin laying cover? Is this why Trump is hiding out in New Jersey? Stay tuned.

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