Has this former Trump Tower resident cut a deal against Michael Flynn, Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump?

It was a huge scandal with wide reaching implications at the highest levels of the Donald Trump administration, and then it mysteriously faded away. Now the scandal is suddenly back at the center of controversy. A former resident of Trump Tower in Istanbul, who has been imprisoned and awaiting trial on a number of charges, has suddenly disappeared – suggesting he may have cut a deal against Michael Flynn and Rudy Giuliani and perhaps even Donald Trump himself.

All we know for certain is that Reza Zarrab, who was charged in the United States with a variety of crimes tied to Turkish government corruption, is suddenly no longer in prison. Either no one involved knows where he is, or no one involved will say where he is, according to a new Bloomberg report. But he didn’t escape from prison and he didn’t die in prison, which means he was released for reasons that can’t yet be made public – and that likely only points to one thing.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is currently pursuing Michael Flynn for a number of alleged crimes, including a kidnapping plot involving the Turkish government and a would-be victim in Pennsylvania. Is it coincidence that Reza Zarrab, who is on trial for crimes related to the Turkish government, is suddenly free without explanation? There may be more to it.

Rudy Giuliani was long expected to take a major role in the Donald Trump administration, until he ran into legal trouble when he tried to interfere with Reza Zarrab’s trial. It’s never been entirely clear if Giuliani is being pursued as part of Robert Mueller’s investigation or part of any other criminal investigation. However, Reza Zarrab’s sudden mysterious release from jail also raises the question of whether he might have given up Giuliani in the process. Finally, there’s the question of what Trump himself knew or didn’t know about the crimes Flynn and Giuliani allegedly committed with the Turkish government. Read the full Bloomberg article here).

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report