The Trump-Russia floodgates are open and Donald Trump is drowning

Over the past twenty-four hours it’s become clear that Donald Trump’s entire Asia trip was put together as mere cover for an emergency meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin – and it’s no wonder. The Trump Russia scandal floodgates are now so wide open that not only is Trump drowning in it, Putin just might drown as well. With each passing hour another major domino falls, even as the other dominoes panic and threaten to knock each other down. Now yet another major player in the scandal has been cornered and is about to hit the panic button.

The mainstream media is targeting Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross today for his deep financial ties to Putin. This story is nothing new, but it’s suddenly being pushed to the forefront, suggesting that the media knows he’s about to take a fall. This comes amid word today that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has all the evidence he needs to charge and arrest Michael Flynn. This wouldn’t leak unless there is already a sealed indictment in place. So this is a final warning to Flynn, meaning his arrest is imminent. It gets worse.

Paul Manafort and Rick Gates are due back in court on Monday morning, a reminder that their storyline isn’t going away. The media will keep harping on these legal developments. We’re also still waiting for the fallout from Carter Page’s confession to investigators three days ago that he met with the Russian government while he was in Moscow, and that he informed the campaign of it at the time.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is hiding under his bed, as everyone involved with the scandal rushes to incriminate him. Jared Kushner is reportedly cooperating with Robert Mueller with regard to Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice. Then there’s Trump himself, desperately running off overseas to get emergency instructions from Putin. At this point, will Trump even want to return from his trip? His world is completely underwater and he’s drowning in it.