Desperate Donald Trump fires off everything he has left – and it turns out he doesn’t have much

Logically speaking, it was inevitable that once the walls began closing in on Donald Trump, he and his allies would begin firing off everything they had left. It’s simply how these things work. Now that they are indeed pulling out all the stops, we know for certain that they know their side is in deep trouble. It also means we’re getting to see what they have in mind for their last hurrah – and it turns out it isn’t much.

Today, Trump had Jeff Sessions announce an investigation into the phony “Uranium One” scandal. This will end up going nowhere in the end, of course, because there is no story here. It allows Trump to yell around about Hillary Clinton, and little more.

Trump’s Republican allies in Congress are launching a phony probe into various FBI and DOJ officials who have been investigating Trump’s crimes. This will only serve to confuse the public about who’s really telling the truth. It’s an effective political tool, but it doesn’t stop investigations from moving forward.

So this is Donald Trump’s endgame: noise, disinformation, counterattacks on the ghosts of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Trump still thinks he can fight this battle on Twitter. He’s still pandering to his own base, trying to convince them that he’s the real victim here. Trump’s Republican allies don’t have much more up their sleeve either. They’re going to try to spin Trump’s Russian treason into some kind of Hillary-Obama scandal, in the hope of confusing voters in the 2018 congressional elections. Good luck with that. Trump has shown his hand. It’s tiny, and it’s more or less empty.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report