Donald Trump’s own people are now finishing him off

Ever since Donald Trump limped into office after having conspired with a foreign enemy to rig the election in his favor, it’s been clear he would eventually face the music for what he’d done – and the question has been who would end up finishing him off. Theories have abounded as to who might end up driving that dagger. But now the answer is rapidly becoming clear and it’s something of a shocker: Trump is being taken down, purposely, by his own people.

Three examples this week have spelled this out in abundant fashion. First, his own staffers leaked to the media that they think he’s slipping mentally, that they’re trying to prevent him from doing interviews so he won’t embarrass himself, and that they’ve warned him the 25th Amendment might be invoked against him. It’s clear that Trump’s staffers now fear how badly he’s mentally decomposing, and they’re sounding the alarm in the hope that the public will demand his ouster. But then came two additional surprising developments.

On Friday, Trump’s former White House Chief of Staff held a day-long meeting with Special Counsel Robert Mueller which suggested that Priebus may have flipped on Trump. It’s not that anyone expected Priebus, who was never loyal to Trump, to be willing to risk going to prison for conspiracy obstruction just to protect him. What’s surprising is that Priebus seems to be volunteering to flip on Trump far earlier than would have been necessary. It’s as if Priebus looked at Trump’s deteriorating condition and decided it was time to help get rid of him. Then came the true stunner.

Roger Stone, who may be the closest thing Donald Trump has to a friend, decided on Friday to give the name of his WikiLeaks contact to the House Intelligence Committee. This alone won’t incriminate Trump, but it will help to further the investigation into Trump’s wrongdoing. More importantly, Stone wasn’t willing to rely on Trump pardoning him for contempt of Congress charges. When you’re Trump and you’ve even lost Roger Stone, the clock is ticking rather loudly.

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