We’re finally about to find out if James Comey is a Russian spy

When we all saw James Comey rig the election against Hillary Clinton, it raised the question of whether Comey was some kind of compromised Russian spy who had been instructed to help install Donald Trump in the White House, or whether Comey was just a power mad egomaniac who wanted to put his finger ont he scale. Now we’re finally about to definitively get the answer.

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Over the past twenty-four hours we’ve learned that the FBI is very much investigating Donald Trump’s Russian collusion, to the point that it questioned Michael Flynn over the matter three weeks ago, and that it’s caught Flynn and three other Trump campaign advisors having colluded with Russian intel officers during the election. In other words, the FBI has been moving full steam ahead against Trump since he took office.

Trump is a Russian spy

And now we’re about to reach the point of no return. If James Comey wants the Trump-Russia investigation shut down or scuttled, because he’s compromised and Vladimir Putin is instructing him to do so, then he’ll have to do it within days — because the genie is now already largely out of the bottle in public view. And if Comey doesn’t near-immediately scuttle the Trump Russia investigation, it means that he never was beholden to Russia, and he rigged the 2016 election just to be a dick.

If the latter is truly the case, then one can assume that the power mad James Comey will go ahead and take Donald Trump down, so he can feel powerful for having done so – and so he can prove to the American public that he can do anything he wants. With another eight years left in Comey’s ten year term as FBI Director, America may be stuck with the bastard for awhile. But for all the wrong reasons, he may be the guy who now takes down Trump over Russia.

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