Donald Trump’s fatal flaw

Donald Trump, a criminal sociopath whose deranged antics are escalating as he cracks under the pressure of a criminal investigation that’s closing in on him, is a clear and present danger to the safety of pretty much everyone. The good news? He has a fatal flaw that can be exploited in the name of taking him down – and we were just reminded of that flaw in striking fashion.

Trump’s malignant narcissism has allowed him to take advantage of a whole lot of weak, flawed, and/or gullible people. The trouble for Trump is that he’s so overconfident in his own intellect and abilities, he regularly overplays his hand, and he’s extraordinarily sloppy about it. He also doesn’t seem to understand the consequences of his reckless actions. For instance he’s been operating with an inept shell of a White House senior staff, meaning there’s no one protecting him from his own foolishness.

That came to a head when former Howard Stern show personality John Melendez, who has had many conversations with Donald Trump in years past, still somehow managed to prank him by calling up the White House and pretending to be Democratic Senator Bob Menendez. No one on Trump’s staff figured out that it wasn’t really the Senator before handing off the call to Trump. And because Trump’s ego was stoked by the notion that a Senator from the opposition party would call him directly and want to talk, Trump never did figure out that he was being pranked – even though he personally knew the guy who was pranking him.

This incident is embarrassing for Donald Trump, but it’ll be forgotten within a few days. However, that’s not the point. The real upshot is that Trump is so afflicted with whatever is wrong with him, some comedic radio personality was easily able to figure out how to trick him into thinking that he was talking to a United States Senator. Trump is a guy who, for all his evil intent, and all the power he currently holds, can be defeated. We just have to figure out how to use his own broken psyche against him.

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