Donald Trump’s remaining fans go completely berserk after learning about Michael Flynn plea deal

In the seven hours since Michael Flynn’s plea deal against Donald Trump was announced, Trump himself hasn’t publicly said anything, aside from a tweet about Rex Tillerson that I’m pretty sure he didn’t even write. But as Trump stews silently about Flynn, suffice it to say that his biggest fans – however many he has left at this point – are more than a bit rattled about what they know is going to happen next.

Like any political pundit, I receive angry hatemail on a daily basis from people who don’t agree with what I’m saying. It just comes with the territory, and I usually ignore it, but on days like this it is useful for taking the temperature of those on the other side. Most hatemail these days comes in the form of social media trolling. Today, however, Trump’s fans are suddenly upset enough to send me hatemail the old fashioned way, via email. In fact I’ve received more hateful emails from Trump fans today than I have in the past year combined.

I wouldn’t normally want to give these people attention by quoting them, but for once let’s take a look at how they’re feeling in the wake of today’s news. This one got straight to the point, though he’s not too good with capital letters: “of all the liberal dicks in the US, it’s you…you’re #1 you worthless, useless, leftist pile of shit.” Then there’s another one in which literally every word is an all-caps curse word. You get the idea.


Again, I’ve received more hateful emails today from Donald Trump’s fans than I have in the past year combined. That tells you how angry and dejected they’ve become upon hearing the news that Michael Flynn has sold Trump out. They know what comes next, and they know it’ll involve Trump’s departure from office.

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