More evidence than ever that Donald Trump is flat broke

Ask Donald Trump, and he’ll tell you he’s a multibillionaire. Ask his detractors, and they’ll point to his litany of strategic bankruptcies and unpaid bills as evidence that he’s merely robbing Peter to pay Paul. Ask investigative reporters, and they’ll point to Trump’s foreign debts being so astronomical that it’s possible he has a negative net worth. Take a look at his latest moves over the past week, and it suggests he may be so short on cash position that he’s actually flat broke.

It’s fairly well documented that Donald Trump has a few billion in assets. But it doesn’t matter how valuable your assets are; if you owe more money than they’re worth, then you’re broke. It’s been documented that Trump appears to be nearly a billion dollars in debt to Chinese government-run banks alone. He’s also at least hundreds of millions of dollars German banks. And Donald Trump Jr bragged several years ago that his father was taking on massive Russian debt. But it’s the little things that point to Trump being so broke he’s desperate for even small amounts of cash.

The other day, Donald Trump sold access to himself at a New Years Eve party at his home in West Palm Beach for a mere $525 apiece. That’s not a typo. The so called “president-elect” of the United States actually sold access to himself for around five hundred bucks a pop. These are not the actions of a wealthy man; they’re the actions of a man who’s drowning so deeply in debt that he’s chasing a few hundred bucks at a time just to stay afloat. And it gets worse.

Even more tellingly, Donald Trump – despite being so personally dependent on Kellyanne Conway that he can’t seem to function without her by his side at all times – sent her to beg for pocket change in Buffalo last week. The reason: he can’t even afford to pay the puny temporary salaries of his transition team until they start getting government paychecks on January 20th. Trump appears to be, simply put, flat broke.

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