Everyone calm down

From the very start of Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, Palmer Report has pointed out that once Trump and his allies concluded they were on the verge of going down, they would frantically fire off everything they’d been saving up in the faint hope that something might save them. That moment has finally arrived this week. Trump and his allies just acknowledged that they know they’re screwed. Oddly enough, the wrong side is panicking.

This is a dangerous and understandably unnerving time. But Hitler only recklessly threw his remaining assets into the Battle of the Bulge because he knew he was about to lose anyway. This is roughly what we’re seeing from Trump this week, except it’s a whole lot more tepid and incompetent. Thus far Trump’s big finale consists of a memo from Devin Nunes that’s so embarrassing, even Trump’s own legal minds asked for it not to be released because they think it’ll harm Trump, and the utterly pointless ouster of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe.

So far, Trump’s Battle of the Bulge is more like an episode of The Three Stooges. Nunes is an idiot, Trump made a mistake relying on him, and now Nunes has predictably blown it for him. Trump is so lost in a haze of phony conspiracy theories, he honestly thought McCabe was the one he had to worry about simply because McCabe’s wife is a democrat, when McCabe never had anything to do with the Trump-Russia investigation. This is such a weak endgame that if Trump weren’t such a despicable villain, I’d feel bad for him right now.

Do Donald Trump and his goons have more up their sleeves? Sure. Will we see more antics before the week is over? Count on it. But when people are in desperation mode, they usually start by trying their best ideas. If what we’ve seen so far are Trump’s best ideas, I can’t wait to see Trump’s worst ideas. Trump and his people are doing this because they know they’re losing, and they think they’re running out of time. Stay vigilant. This week matters a lot. But dispense with the panic and calm down. It’s the Trump supporters who should be panicking right now. They’re losing.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report