Mike Pence’s private email scandal just got a whole lot uglier for him

Shortly after Donald Trump and Mike Pence illegitimately won the election, in part by conspiring with Russia to spread lies about Hillary Clinton’s ultimately harmless use of private email, Pence got hit with an ironic twist. He’d been trying to bury a private email scandal of his own back in Indiana, one which appeared to indeed involve things Pence wanted to keep hidden. The national media inexplicably ignored the scandal. But that’s finally changed, thanks to the State of Indiana’s own bumbling.

Pence used an insecure America Online email address for government business while he was Governor of Indiana. He was predictably hacked, but it’s never been clear who hacked him, or why, or who has those emails now. It’s raised questions as to whether someone could use those emails to blackmail Pence, but again, the mainstream media explicitly ignored the Pence email scandal when it broke – presumably because it didn’t want to draw attention to its own complicity in having pushed the phony “Hillary Clinton email scandal” story which helped install Trump and Pence in office. Now it’s a different story.

The State of Indiana is still refusing to release some of Mike Pence’s AOL emails, while also refusing to provide a reason for its refusal. The rather obvious answer is that Pence’s former Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb is now Governor, and he’s trying to protect Pence. But here’s where he screwed up, according to a new Associated Press report (link): Holcomb is refusing to deny that Pence asked him to withhold the emails. In other words, that’s a yes.

So now we know that Mike Pence is relying on his own former Lieutenant Governor to help him obstruct justice in his private email scandal. Whether or not Pence committed crimes with his use of email, he’s committing crimes now. If Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been looking for a way to squeeze Pence, it just presented itself.

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