Donald Trump behind the eight ball

That whirring you’re hearing this morning is the sound of Donald Trump’s head spinning. Everything has been going wrong for him that could possibly go wrong – except for the economy, which was still going strong thanks to the policies put in place by President Obama. But now that seven straight years of job growth has turned into a jarring 33,000 job loss today, Trump has nothing left to hang his hat on. This comes at a time when he’s already facing total chaos.

It’s anyone’s guess as to whether Trump will still have a Secretary of State by the time the day is over. Rex Tillerson has one and a half feet out the door, after it was revealed this week that he had called Trump a “moron” over the summer in front of other administration officials. It’s not immediately clear what’s more remarkable, that Tillerson turns out to have held the same view of Trump all this time that the rest of us had, or that Trump has so little handle of what’s going on in his administration that he didn’t find out about Morongate until just now. This is just the start of his trouble.

No fewer than six of Trump’s cabinet members have been caught up in separate financial scandals this week. These scandals have all been going on under the radar since day one; it’s just that the media has finally gotten a handle on them. One cabinet member has already been forced to resign this week. There will be more resignations, as the cabinet freefall doesn’t appear to be anywhere close to reaching its bottom. Then there was the revelation this week that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is working with the author of the Trump Russia dossier – meaning Trump now has to worry about the Pee Pee Tape and worse.

It’s no wonder Donald Trump was stunned into silence this morning. He’ll be back to tweeting bombastic garbage soon enough, as he attempts to create distractions or blame others for his failures. But now that the booming economy he inherited is suddenly no longer booming, he has a new kind of problem. There are those among the public who didn’t care how embarrassing Trump’s antics and incompetence were, as long as he didn’t cost them money by screwing up the economy. Now that the economy is a mess, we may be about to see a whole new demographic turn against him.

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