Donald Trump just handed Robert Mueller an easy victory

This past week, with Special Counsel Robert Mueller breathing down his neck and preparing to bust his entire world open like a piñata, Donald Trump did the smartest thing he’s done all year: he shut the bleep up. Trump has spent all year using his Twitter account to steadily help incriminate himself on obstruction of justice and other charges. Then came the Asia trip, where Trump’s staff somehow convinced him to stop live-tweeting his own demise – until last night.

We don’t yet know the circumstances of how it happened, but we do know that the end result was Donald Trump retaking control of his Twitter account from his staff. Like a cocaine addict who had gone far too long desperately needing a high, Trump hit the Twitter crack pipe like he’d been shot out of a cannon. He called Americans “haters and losers” while praising Vladimir Putin. He taunted Kim Jong-Un for being “short and fat.” He misspelled two words before ultimately attacking Hillary Clinton’s spelling abilities. The sound you heard in the background during these tweets was Robert Mueller popping the champagne.

At a time when Mueller has Trump’s advisers and associates panicking and tripping over each other for fear they’ll be the next to get arrested, Trump is about to start actively helping Mueller with the investigation by tweeting more self incriminating garbage. More importantly, as we saw last night, Trump is now completely unhinged to the point that his new crazy tweets make his old crazy tweets look perfectly innocent in comparison.

Give it another day and Donald Trump will be tweeting that he conspired with Vladimir Putin to not only rig the election, but rig also the traffic lights outside Trump Tower. Trump is going to start encouraging his campaign advisers to admit they conspired with Russia, because hey, why not? Trump is so far gone, he’ll probably confess to being the Hamburglar while he’s at it. Meanwhile, Robert Mueller surely gets an instant text message every time Trump posts a new tweet. Trump just handed Mueller an easy victory.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report