Robert Mueller’s job just got a lot easier

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has had the upper hand the entire time since he was appointed to investigate Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. Mueller has also been facing one of the most complex tasks in the history of criminal investigations, as he’s had to unravel layer after layer of a conspiracy that runs stunningly deep. Today, however, Mueller’s job just got a lot easier for him.

There are two things that make Mueller’s job particularly challenging. First, he has to do all of this under Trump’s nose, so that Trump doesn’t panic and try to fire him. Second, by the time he presents his criminal case against Trump in the end, Trump needs to be so deeply unpopular that he is indeed capable of being ousted, as impeachment is still a political process. That all changed when Trump woke up today and decided to begin sexually harassing United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in public.

For reasons known only to him, Trump has decided that he would rather his presidency die on the sexual assault hill than on the Russia hill. It seems less likely that this is anything approaching a strategy on his part, and that he’s simply decided that if he’s going down anyway, he wants to have some perverse and torturous fun on his way down. As a result, it’s now clear that Trump’s focus is sexual assault, and not on his Russia scandal, which serves to give Mueller cover.

In addition, Trump’s utterly demented sexual attack on a U.S. Senator can only serve to bring his many sexual assault scandals back to the forefront, further weakening his already historically low approval rating as a result, and helping to ramp up the demands that he resign. At this rate, by the time Robert Mueller is finished proving his criminal case in the Trump-Russia scandal, Trump may no longer even be in office.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report