Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving speech reveals he’s either on drugs or he needs to be

This Thanksgiving morning, we all had something to be thankful for: Donald Trump didn’t try to ruin the holiday by starting a new Twitter feud with anyone. Instead he posted a long and semi-coherent screed aimed at taking credit for the strength of the Obama economy, but it’s one of the less deranged things he’s tweeted this week. However, Trump did give a speech to the military on Thanksgiving, and let’s just say that it was plenty disturbing.

Here’s one brief passage from Trump’s Thanksgiving speech to the Coast Guard: “The Navy, I can tell you, we’re ordering ships, with the Air Force I can tell you we’re ordering a lot of planes, in particular the F-35 fighter jet, which is like almost like an invisible fighter. I was asking the Air Force guys, I said, how good is this plane? They said, well, sir, you can’t see it. I said but in a fight. You know, in a fight, like I watch on the movies. The fight, they’re fighting. How good is this? They say, well, it wins every time because the enemy cannot see it. Even if it’s right next to them, it can’t see it. I said that helps. That’s a good thing.”

If you want to subject yourself to even more of his rambling incoherence, you can find the full thing here (trust us, you’re better off skipping it). The upshot, however, is this: even when Trump isn’t angrily ranting and attacking people and trying to start trouble, he still sounds like he’s completely mentally vacant. He sounds like a guy who’s either gone dull from too much medication, or isn’t on drugs and needs to be.

We’re not trying to be funny here. There’s something clearly wrong with this guy, and it goes beyond the malignant narcissism and other psychological failings that we’ve long seen on display. Donald Trump is barely there anymore. Contribute to Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report