Finally home from his overseas trip, Donald Trump sounds like he’s high on drugs and dying

Donald Trump just returned from a nearly two week overseas tour, with his Trump-Russia scandal consuming his existence, and his presidency in tatters. He then made the mistake of speaking publicly before the cameras today, in an event which was carried live on national television. It went so poorly, suffice it to say that he’d better hope it was because he was high on drugs – because the alternative explanation would be even worse.

We’re not accusing Donald Trump of having been high on cocaine during his speech today – we have no way of definitively confirming that – but his physical and mental condition was so awful, he at least sounded and acted as if he was high. He was uncontrollably sniffing, which we’ve seen before. At times he sounded out of breath, as if he were about to pass out. He took a swig of water in such desperate fashion that even Marco Rubio felt safe mocking him for it.

But what we’re now witnessing may be too disconcerting to be mock-worthy. The person occupying the office of President of the United States is in such bad shape that he sounds as if he’s high on drugs, or dying of ill health, or both. We’ve seen numerous U.S. Presidents all go through periods where they sound and look better or worse off. We’ve seen Presidents take overseas trips and come home worse for wear. However, it’s difficult to recall any President in the television camera era sounding and acting like this.

Something is clearly wrong here. Donald Trump appears to be in need of immediate professional medical help. It doesn’t take a doctor to see that he’s in rapid decline by the day. As the Trump-Russia scandal continues to get exponentially worse for him and his presidency and his family, is the pressure literally killing Trump?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report