New Trump-Russia dossier detail: the Donald Trump organization paid the Russian election hackers

A new revelation out of the UK today reveals that former MI6 agent Christopher Steele gave the government of the United Kingdom a copy of his Trump-Russia dossier back in December, around the same time in which a copy ended up in the hands of the United States government. This is new information, but it’s not really news. Instead, here’s the part of the Guardian article that has everyone sitting up and paying attention today:

“The hackers were paid by the Trump organization, but were under the control of Vladimir Putin’s presidential administration.”

Here’s the interesting part. Steele’s thirty-five page Trump-Russia dossier has been in public circulation for more than three months. It’s been read by thousands of journalists and millions of people. And to date, none of them has come away with the impression that the dossier alleged the Trump organization paid the Russian hackers. So wherever the Guardian is getting this new information (link), it must have access to details from Steele’s reports that haven’t yet become public.

Now we wait for additional confirmation that this newly unearthed assertion turns out to be verified. But if that happens, it will represent ironclad proof that Donald Trump – not just his campaign but his own organization – was responsible for the hackers who tried to rig the election in his favor. This would be much more damning than the Trump campaign merely having a general agreement in place with Russia to hack the election. Contribute to Palmer Report

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