Donald Trump’s tweet about nuclear weapons proves his detractors right once and for all

Donald Trump’s detractors have spent the past six weeks since he illegitimately won the election, and in fact the past twenty months since he entered the race, trying to warn their fellow Americans that he’s everything from a racist to a sexual predator to a financial con artist to a proudly clueless idiot to a deranged maniac who’s going to get us all nuked. Some in the middle have brushed all of that aside, preferring to wait and see if Trump somehow becomes a normal sane person once he enters office. But his tweet today about nuclear weapons has erased any room for argument.

“The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes,” Donald Trump causally tweeted today, sending Americans reeling as they’re forced to face the very real possibility – perhaps even probability at this point – that Trump will in fact get us all killed after he takes office and gains access to the nuclear launch codes.

This comes just a few hours after he posted a semicoherent tweet about Admirals and Generals which made it sound like he may – in all seriousness – be suffering from some type of senility or dementia. So now we have a “president-elect” who thinks we need more nuclear weapons, after the past several Presidents before him all worked to try to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons from getting so out of control that it would seal our fate.


Donald Trump isn’t just the worst human being on the American national stage. He isn’t merely a criminal, merely a predator, merely a champion of white nationalism, merely a puppet of a terrorist Russian regime. None of that seems to disqualify him in the minds of moderates anyway. But Donald Trump is, now very clearly, intent on ensuring that his tenure ends in a haze of nuclear explosions. And that proves his detractors right from the start.

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