Donald Trump’s staff is clearly afraid he’s about to crack

If you’ve observed that Donald Trump behavior on Twitter has been growing more resentful and semi-coherent since he was named “president-elect,” you’re apparently not alone. In recent days Trump has reached the point where he’s openly siding with Vladimir Putin against America, carrying out one sided arguments with President Obama, rambling about his enemies, suggesting he’s ready for a nuclear holocaust, and generally making less sense by the day. As it turns out, Trump’s own staff now appears to be genuinely fearful that an increasingly bitter Trump may snap any minute.

The source of this conclusion: their own words. By all rights, Donald Trump should be ecstatic, or at least happy, or at the very least pleased, at having been named the winner of the election. He devoted a year and a half of his life to running for president, and to everyone’s shock, it worked out in his favor. His spirits should be improving. Instead he seems ever more resentful – even exasperated – at the fact that so many Americans have such a low opinion of him. And now his own staff is publicly begging the country to stop mocking the poor guy.

Here are two choice excerpts from Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer, on Meet The Press this morning.

“And everyone starts to mock him.”

“And instead of trying to mock him or undermine him, it’s time that people started to give him credit for actually getting things done.”

At this point Donald Trump’s staff is going on national television and begging Americans to stop making fun of him. Has this ever happened? Has an American president’s staff ever had to ask the public to stop mocking the guy? Trump is about to become the most powerful person in the world. But his Twitter account makes clear that he’s miserable. And his own staff is now begging the nation to go easy on him, for fear he may be about to crack.

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